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ImageLesbro: lez’bro (n) A lesbian friend that is totally a BAMF and ready to “suit up”.

Always chill and down for tag-team wing-manning at bars/clubs/social events. This is the criteria:

[NOTE: Any straight female can also apply. Rule 0  is, however, emphasized.]
0.) No matter how awesome we look, we must never be attracted to each other sexually. (0, because “duh”)

1.) Must be down to watch The Walking Dead, HIMYM, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Wire or Suits.

2.) Must be able to beat me in beer pong, or Smash Brothers or Black Ops2..or a race. Actually, as long as you can show you’re good at SOMETHING. Jesus.

3.) Must know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

4.) Applicant must be into Lacuna Coil, Rammstein, Scissor Sisters (because everyone should have a Kiki once in their lives)

5.) Must say bro or any variation including: Broham, broseph, brobadiah, brohemian rhapsody, brolith, brothulu, brobaham lincoln: four wh*res and seven beers ago, brobaham lincoln: Vampire hunter.

6.) Applicant has to acknowledge that Red Heads or Irish Women get an automatic +25 to the hotness scale, asian women are a +20, any women who know who Corey Taylor is and like him are a +20. Scores can overlap.

7.) Applicant must pledge that we are a team and so we work together. There’s no competition or c*ck…er.. beaver damming?…Point is: you’re pledging allegiance to the lesbro code.

8.) Must think superheroes or comics are at the very least “awesome”.

If you fit this, we’re totally best lesbros. Totes srs.