Things aren’t what they use to be. .

I have never felt as worried about waiting than I have been while waiting to see if this girl will give me any response to the letter I wrote her (pretty sure the last time I was this worried was getting my A-Level results back in 2005)

Is it paranoia that I am so anxious about not hearing anything, there could of been various reason to why she hasn’t replied: Continue reading


some random blurb about my life.

I have been living with Bi-polar disorder for many years.  Normally I try not to let it affect my life too much, but occasionally it will.  This is what happened last week, when I had what can be described as a psychotic break.  It has been several years since I experienced something vaguely like that, but normally when I become volatile it has been due to some kind of substance, for example alcohol.  Last week, I can only really conclude this break was due to stress, stress from worrying about my relationship ending, I guess I was trying to wrack my brain trying to find a solution to it.  Drinking (obviously) did no good to my mental health, but I thought it was the only way to make me feel nothing. Continue reading