Warning: May contain a rant.

So she was in work all day.

I haven’t read it properly but I do forgive you I understand it was horrible for you and I was a bit of a t***.  We can try and be friends at some point.

I dunno whether her not reading it properly is a good or is it better if she had thrown it away.  I spent all day writing that letter and for her to not even bother reading it properly is in a way more hurtful, I poured my heart and soul into that letter and for her just to skim over it. . .

You didn’t really have a break hun.  And its ok, your not a bad person.x

If know well and good that I am not a bad person, if I had a £1 for everytime someone said that to me, I would never have to work, and I would be Scrooge McDuck and would be diving into piles of money (it would hurt, but I’d still do it if I could)

A big rant, be it slightly tipsy

My rants, are funny, slightly light hearted and over very quickly (while generally feeling good about getting everything off my chest).  Last week was not a rant, I do not even think it was in the same league as my normal rants.

When do my rants involve litres of vodka, lots of swearing/shouting/insults, tears and a prescription for Benzodiapine because I am so strung out, i can’t leave the house at the moment, was suppose to go on a bike ride this morning but i wimped out because i couldn’t get the train.

I’m wondering if saying that was just her way of justifying (and thus making her feel less guilty) of causing the whole thing.  If she wants to believe that it was just a rant, I guess I can let her bury her head in the same and pretend that it is true.


I am trying hard just to get a response. . . I think the silence is more confusing, especially since she actually did text me a few times on Thursday, I’m not even sure she even had a presentation to create, maybe she was using that as an excuse to blow me off, I texted her Friday morning, wishing her good luck and got no reply at all.  Why couldn’t she just say she wants her own space, I’m not a mind reader, I did say to her that get paranoid and don’t understand social cues and subtle hints, maybe the whole silence thing is actually a big hint to leave her alone, or maybe I am just so confused.


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