Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, now with 100% more cat lady.

Yesterday, I finally got my Beta email from Square Enix and wasted no time in downloading the Beta launcher.  I decided on creating a Miqo’te Lancer, because I got the Beta invite on my alt’s email address, and since Mooglepie was a Mithra in FFXI, Tisiphone 2.0 is now a Miqo’te, although is it Tisiphone 3.0 because I had a Tisiphone character back when I did the Alpha test back in 2010 or even Tisiphone 2.5.3 (.5 for ARR and .3 for Beta Phase 3)?

Anyway Miqo’te Lancer on Adamantoise gooooo.  I had fun up until the Mission: Chasing Shadows, then it went downhill a bit.  Apparently this bug has been active for a long, long time so I’m hoping that Squeenix will actually fix it at some point.  Basically there’s a set of markings you need to click in order to get the cutscene, however a) you can’t party for the fight and b) if someone else checks the marks at the same time as you, you can’t enter the instance, so by the time I got to the markings this was there:


(Side note: The glow-y point in the distance is where I needed to get to, four hours it took to get there.)

Definitely a deja vu of Final Fantasy XI when they first released the Adventuring Fellow and also when Dragoon was first released.

(not my picture, pretty sure I heard about that stuff happening and avoided those areas like the plague until the dust had settled.)

But yeah, FFXIV is sooo pretty to look at, and character creation is a lot more fleshed out (including the option to increase good ol’ bust size, yes I did cave and use this because I thought my character was a bit flat chested, although I do realise having huge bazookas while swinging weapons, running or shooting bows is not the best combination ever.)


My opinion on the April update for FFXI (better late than never I suppose)

When SE gave us mortals the April 2013 update, there were tears of joy which soon became tears of disbelief when SE (and also some wtf ‘Chocobo Jig II WHY?’ moments) possibly the largest upset was killing R(elic)/E(mpyrean)/M(ythic)s weapons in one fell swoop with the introduction of weapons that practically had double the base damage of the aforementioned REMs.  Sure the whole REM acquiring is not that difficult or expensive tedious to what they once were (I’m especially looking at Relics and Mythics), but the fact they have been the top-tier weapons for so long, and beloved by many (writer’s note: I actually never got to play with my relic since it’s only level 90 when I rage quit due to the Attestment Fomor being an asshat)

And so, someone over at BG got round to making a ‘Hitler’s Reaction to the Relic/Mythic/Empyrean Update’.  Now I’m ranking this one *just* below the Banhammer: Directors Cut (because even after all these years, that is still one of the greatest things ever put on YouTube (maybe behind the Last Dictator advert for Nandos and the Evangelion -Engel AMV, and maybe behind Ellen scaring Taylor Swift. ..).  agh too many great things on Youtube (that I have yet to find, and some that I never ever want to find).)

I’m gonna say that I am in the Hitler camp of being annoyed, but then again everything can annoy me, so maybe this break from FFXI is actually good for me since I can sit on the fence and cry rather be in-game crying,

Musings and such.

It seems the go to insult in Vanguard is “go play WoW” at least in FFXI there was some insults about mothers and stuff. I have to admit the denizens of Vanguard seem to have a ‘holier than thou’ attitude to other games, be they more successful or something, including what can be described (for a lot of them at least) the Holy Grail of MMOs: EQ and EQ2, as in nothing can compared to either of those games. Several instances I have seen people seem to praise this game no end (even if it is riddled with bugs and lag), even though it has a fraction of the number of subscribers compared to WoW and FFXI, that may be great but in the same breath they often criticise the ‘pay to win’ mentality (to some extent Vanguard has a ‘pay to win’ format in that you need Gold Membership to wear the decent gear and there’s also a marketplace where you can often buy mounts and gear for real life money. At least with FFXI there wasn’t this ‘pay to win’ thing going on, sure there were gil sellers and RMT but over the years those have kinda fizzled out; at least on Lakshmi).
It seems the topic of PvP often ruffles people’s feathers on Vanguard, over the last few days several new people have asked about whether or not there was PvP and each time there was a varying degree of hostility to say the least which often culminates in being told that they should of research better (even if said new person YouTubed Vanguard PvP there would be videos of when the game actually had a PvP server).
Another topic that kinda irks me is when people complain about some of the end game guilds having certain gear requirements, it’s all ‘Why do they need them?’ Answer: because they want good people not snowflakes who think tanking on Paladin with a Greatsword is the way forward, if you want to use a Greatsword Dreadknight is over there just waiting for you, if you don’t want that use a damn sword and shield like every other Paladin and suck it up, use a Greatsword in your own time and stop wasting my time. Another reason; people don’t want to spend their time (read waste) getting your gear up to a reasonable standard so you can be of some use to a raid (this is someone who was in an EndGame Linkshell in FFXI who was backup Paladin for a long time until I got a couple of decent pieces for my Paladin Hi2u Homam feet/hands/legs and Hello! Koenig ‘Robocop’ Schaller.

Also, totally missing the whole cutscene thing, I mean yes FFXI occasionally had way too many cutscenes, but Vanguard doesn’t have any, just a text box and that’s it. I want my cutscenes dammit, I miss having a little lol from:

and the really decent ending to the ToAU expansion:

(gotta watch it in HD to actually read the words)

So yes, while Vanguard can boast about having some awesome graphics (compared to FFXI 30FPS) I can see why it hasn’t garnered much attention over the few years it has been live. As well as this on the 4th April the last two servers of Vanguard are merging, while FFXI on the other hand has just released its first expansion in five years, and with more positive reviews for FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, could this be the final nail in Vanguard’s coffin?

Anyway, I’m still in a continuing battle with college to get my certificates. Here’s the kicker, I finished that course eight (let me just say it again EIGHT) months ago, yet i’m still waiting, possibly the picture below can sum up my attitude to it at the moment.

Relic Woes

So I finished my Relic last night/this morning, unfortunately mainly due to this beauty being up near the blank spot; Tzee Xicu the Manifest and friends, I couldn’t get the generic “Look at me getting my Relic” SS because having gotten my Spharai I warped out as quickly as humanly possible. Did the killshot trials over the course of a weekend (read I discovered another part of hell and that is Final Heaven’s lacklustre damage)

After getting my Spharai to 85, I thought I’d have an easy ride to 90. . .SE said ‘NO WAI!’ and it took me two weeks of farming the god forsaken zone (Dynamis-Bea[tab]) for my Villain’s Fortune. Hoping never to have to go back to that zone again for a long, long, LONG time.

Well the last part of the statement is kinda true, because I cancelled my subscription for possibly three months since I’m burnt out and that the game was no longer that much fun. Instead I took up Vanguard, and they made the races and jobs freely available (in a previous post I said that only some of the classes and races were available to the free-to-play crowd)

FFXI v Vanguard, Saga of Heroes

OK, going to try and not be biased to either game (especially since FFXI is 4 years older than Vanguard, and that FFXI is also on PS2 and XBOX360), but instead try and describe what I think the pro’s and cons of each game.

  • Like I mentioned in my previous post, in Telon there are different modes of transport, from player built/bought galleons, to mythical creatures to riftstones.  FFXI has airships, chocobos, boats, teleport – x spells and also ‘recent’ Abyssea Maws and VwNM Rifts.
  • World, I think Telon beats out Vana’diel in terms of size and also in unique areas (downside of Vana’diel is that SE reused a lot of zone skins.) and is subject to blackscreen zoning, while in Telon, the only time that zoning is happens is when you use on of the rifts/get summoned by a cleric to another part of the world.
  • FFXI population is incredibly large, compared to Vanguard, in fact FFXI beats out Telon on probably player numbers and also the number of ‘worlds’.  Telon has two servers (a NA and also an EU server) compared to FFXI’s 16 (17 including the test server Undine).
  • Jobs, FFXI has 20 jobs available and also lets you use subjobs, to make numerous combinations so be flexible (ok I lie slightly about being flexible, because we all know 95% of the time for 2 handed jobs it’s /SAM and the rest of the time it’s /WAR and ultra rare cases /NIN and /DNC).  Telon has 15 classes (6 available in the free to play format, while the other 9 are available when you subscribe monthly), and you cannot switch between them, so once you decide a job, you’re stuck with it until you make a new character.
  • Races: Galka, Humes, Elvaan, Mithra and Tarutaru make up the races of Vana’diel.  In Telon, the world is comprised of 19 playable races (some of them aren’t available if you play for free).  I chose a female Kojani Human for my race.
  • Character Motions, in FFXI some of the character motions are what you might call ‘interesting’ (I’m looking at you, Mithra SAM who look like they are about to play baseball with their great katana, so using Stardiver as a mithra Hi2u pole dancer kitty), Elvaan males with either gun or bow still top the best motions (no sarcasm, seriously they are awesome)
  • Leveling, I’m going to ignore Abyssea to be honest, and go for ye olde methods of exp’ing in FFXI, mainly due to there isn’t really an Abyssea-esque thing.  FFXI probably a lot better for exp grinding, but Telon is more solo friendly and the fact that you can increase attributes after leveling up.
  • GMs: while I do not know the number of S/GM in FFXI, I know there are about 4 in Vanguard, and they actually talk (unlike FFXI’s where they are probably just copy/paste’ing responses and telling people to just log on to for stuff).
  • Battle mechanics: to be quite fair I have *no idea* on the concept of hate and all in Vanguard, since I’ve only played for 2 days, I’m not expecting myself to get the same volume of knowledge I have acquired in FFXI, since they have two different ways of dealing with these things I’m going to view this as a learning curve, but old habits die hard and I have found myself using FFXI lingo and getting some confused responses as a result.
  • Xmas events, now I’m not currently able to play FFXI at the moment so I’m not entirely sure what the rewards are for the Starlight Celebration, except for xmas gloves >.>;

I don’t think I’m gonna drop FFXI just yet, but I am enjoying Vanguard, if purely because I can ride a horse, wear a cloak and also move when I use a ranged attack.

A small break from Vana’diel

Temporarily left the world of Vana’diel for the world of Telon, kinda a nice switch, mainly because I’m using the F2P option and I get to ride a fricken horse (note: you can actually get a wide range of different creatures to ride, so far I’ve seen unicorns, dragons, Pegasus and beetles) downside is that only one job per character, which blows, upside HUGE world, virtually no zoning (except for warping to different continents) and lots of to: quests, raids, crafting, harvesting (although it is kinda HELM) and diplomacy.

It seems since …

It seems since my last post I managed to get more Ogier pieces, in fact I got feet, hands and head since then and the legs (which I actually want) still allude me unfortunately.

I also finished my Armageddon (well to 85 at least), majority of it solo’ing and in a week, probably not gonna actually do that again because it almost drove me crazy, especially when it got to the point where I was waking up in the middle of the night thinking that I was wiping to an overgrown fish.