Kingdom Hearts 3 (Yes for realz)


After my ranty post a few weeks ago, I guess I should go eat my words and repent for my sins.  I have to admit I did not see this coming, I actually just assumed that Squeenix was just going to announce Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD or something along those lines, but no they announced a whole new game.  I’m a bit disappointed that they have taken so long that they have actually skipped an entire console generation, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Just incase you missed Micro$ stuff, I think this kinda sums up the XBOX ONE:


Squeenix wakes up and smells their spiralling development costs.

Key takeaways:

  • ¥13.7 billion loss this last fiscal year. You might remember their last estimate was a ¥10 billion loss.
  • They’re going to spend less on development per game than ever before. This means more on mobile and more social games, while they get more control over their HD console development costs.  This is partly expected at the end of a console’s lifetime, but this muddies the waters considerably for titles people still expected to see this gen (Versus).
  • They’re going to focus on regional development (Read: If a game isn’t expected to sell well outside of Japan forget about it).  In other worse, lol Type 0, and more focus-group tested titles from Eidos IPs.
  • Layoffs and a clamp down on years in development is a given.
  • Lots and lots of restructuring up and down the development pipeline. See above about layoffs.
  • Spend more on marketing.  Don’t forget they threw their sales and marketing under the bus for Hitman and Tomb Raider not hitting their projections.  They are promising more frequent, more in-detail updates released to consumers rather than force them to wait years between vague non-news sentences burped out by Nomura. Sound familiar? They promised this in 2010.

tl;dr tweets

Note that the target revenue next to the FFXIV tweet is for company wide operating income, not just the revenue from one title (because that would be stupid).

The slides

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Nintendo not attending E3, too mainstream

In an investor presentation, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata announced that Nintendo will skip the usual large-scale E3 press conference this year in favor of “a few smaller events that are specifically focused on our software lineup for the U.S. market.”

One of these events will be for American distributors, with another closed event “for mainly the Western gaming media.” Iwata noted that Nintendo is not planning to announce any new hardware at this E3, with showing off software the main focus.

While Nintendo is dropping a lot of mainstream press attention with this move, it makes a lot of sense for a company with the recent financial history of Nintendo to skip out on some expensive pageantry. Especially when the company makes E3-level announcements monthly, for a tiny fraction of the cost.…ller-closed-e/

Nintendo has already had a few open conferences this year showing exactly what is coming for WiiU and 3DS this year and everything shown off has been pretty well received.  The option to skip out on the big conference is a good one since E3’s demo has never been the biggest Nintendo fans.  Most of the time Microsoft and Sony over shadow Nintendo at E3 even if they have nothing to say.