Kingdom Hearts 3 (Yes for realz)


After my ranty post a few weeks ago, I guess I should go eat my words and repent for my sins.  I have to admit I did not see this coming, I actually just assumed that Squeenix was just going to announce Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD or something along those lines, but no they announced a whole new game.  I’m a bit disappointed that they have taken so long that they have actually skipped an entire console generation, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Just incase you missed Micro$ stuff, I think this kinda sums up the XBOX ONE:


Just Keep Swimming

I heard about Finding Dory in the early morning but since it was still April Fools day in the West Coast, I was suspicious when I first heard it so refrained from posting anything about it, but I’m totally excited about it, and even Ellen posted a video.

So this was my reaction:

Which then caused my friend to ask whether or not I’ve lied to them and that my actual age is 12.  I don’t think I’ve fangirled so much since I got tickets to go see Iron Sky in the cinema last year (when it was one day only viewing)