Update on Neverwinter Online’s cray cray exploit.

You know that exploit I wrote about yesterday/this morning, the one about how to dupe millions and millions of Astral Diamonds using the Auction House, well Cryptic Studio announced that they are doing a seven hour rollback to ‘solve’ it as well as disabling the Auction House gateway.  I don’t get what doing a rollback will solve since this exploit has been in the game since the beginning.  The only thing that has changed is the fact that over the last 36 hours it became so prolific and ruined the economy.  So Cryptic Studio is going about their business ‘gathering data’, issuing bans (both perma and 72 hour temp) and being pants on head retarded.

Their forums at the moment is a hot bed of crying, tantrum throwing three-year olds, shouting about how they are gonna leave if there is a complete wipe and demand refunds or how they are going to leave if there isn’t a complete wipe and demand a refund.  Considering that there is real money and micro transactions available in this game while saying this is Open Beta does raise a few red flags in my mind.  So Cryptic Studio is basically backed into a corner, whatever solution they choose they are essentially going to be losing players and essentially money and they can thank themselves for it all because this exploit was first noticed and reported as I mentioned in Closed Beta, yet they refused/ignored it until it basically spiralled out of control and ruined the economy.