Attempt Number 1.


My first venture back into the world of Photoshop after a several year break, and I still suck at font blending, I think I’m going to have to google up some font tutorials so I can stop ruining the above picture.  I’m currently deciding on whether to have that as my header picture (once I actually fix the glaringly badly blended font.)

Edit: I think it’s the colour that’s the problem to be fair, maybe a lighter colour might improve it, with a dark outline /ponders.


That… is… so… sublime

Now I haven’t played No More Heroes, but I did stumble across the soundtracks for both games and decided to have a listen.  As a result I fell in love with Pleather for Breakfast (No More Heroes) and Philistine (from No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.)

Pleather for Breakfast is the theme of Bad Girl, the 2nd rank Assassin in the United Assassins Association.  A sweet lolita who uses a baseball bat against Travis when they fight in the basement of a stadium.

Philistine is the theme of Margaret Moonlight, the Rank 4 assassin, a gothic lolita (I’m noticing something here. . .) character who fights Travis at the top of a supermarket building. She attacks with two giant scythes that double as sniper rifles.  Philistine’s lyrics seem to be directed to Travis (the player’s character).

I’m slowly starting to work my way through the soundtracks to pick out my favourites, but both Pleather For Breakfast and Philistine are strong favourites for me to add to my mp3 player (and subsequently get seen dancing along to it while I do my shopping)