My opinion on the April update for FFXI (better late than never I suppose)

When SE gave us mortals the April 2013 update, there were tears of joy which soon became tears of disbelief when SE (and also some wtf ‘Chocobo Jig II WHY?’ moments) possibly the largest upset was killing R(elic)/E(mpyrean)/M(ythic)s weapons in one fell swoop with the introduction of weapons that practically had double the base damage of the aforementioned REMs.  Sure the whole REM acquiring is not that difficult or expensive tedious to what they once were (I’m especially looking at Relics and Mythics), but the fact they have been the top-tier weapons for so long, and beloved by many (writer’s note: I actually never got to play with my relic since it’s only level 90 when I rage quit due to the Attestment Fomor being an asshat)

And so, someone over at BG got round to making a ‘Hitler’s Reaction to the Relic/Mythic/Empyrean Update’.  Now I’m ranking this one *just* below the Banhammer: Directors Cut (because even after all these years, that is still one of the greatest things ever put on YouTube (maybe behind the Last Dictator advert for Nandos and the Evangelion -Engel AMV, and maybe behind Ellen scaring Taylor Swift. ..).  agh too many great things on Youtube (that I have yet to find, and some that I never ever want to find).)

I’m gonna say that I am in the Hitler camp of being annoyed, but then again everything can annoy me, so maybe this break from FFXI is actually good for me since I can sit on the fence and cry rather be in-game crying,


Indomitable Fisher

So on Sunday I finally fulfilled one of my FFXI dreams, in owning an Ebisu Fishing Rod. After the obligactory screenshots of collecting said Fishing Rod of Dreams and buying more Minnows that should be owned at anyone time (read: 70) I sent Tisi to Beaucedine Glacier to put that rod to work in order to start making back the milllions of gil I poured into getting that damn Saber Shoot.

The beauty about getting this rod was that I was forced to actually make a lot of space free for it, in fact I don’t think I’ve had so much inventory space on either characters for a long time. Moogle is rocking 26/60 inventory and Tisi hovers on the 40/80 mark (which considering for the last few months is a miracle because as a result I can now haul round PDT/MDT sets on various jobs and other niche gear)

Not normally a fan of Tarutarus, but he rocks I think.
I’ve also started doing the Windhurst branch of the Wings of the Goddess expansion on both characters, I actually think that this branch is the best one out of the three (and this is coming from a die hard, Sandy4LYFE person). I’m actually looking forward to getting to the Howl From the Heavens part of the story.

That and the actual Wings of the Goddess storyling, (especially seeing Lady Lilith and the Dark Divinity aka Odin)

Actually I should try and get further along in the Aht Urhgan storyline as well, soley just to see Odin and Alexander’s little one on one fight. But I’ll have to tear myself away from Nashmau and fishing.

Going back to the fishing, Moogle is quickly levelling up on her fishing skill, she is almost level 60 fishing, meanwhile in a cold and icey place, Tisi is 102.2(ish) fishing skill, yes while Hakuryus are extremely yummy in the gil department (10,5k and some spare change just from NPC’ing) they haven’t exactly been forthcoming with the good old skillups, I think I got more skillups when I did a couple of hours at Liks, however they did clog up Moogle’s inventory for about 15 hours while she was parked in Selbina bazaaring them, so I couldn’t actually go out and get more because I had no inventory space (this inventory problem is a constant uphill battle I have frequently, obviously need to drop more stuff)

Recently I have been doing VoidWatch with the linkshell I’m in, since I need to get Moogle her wins. While Tisi’s WAR isn’t exactly pimped to the max (ie no Ukko or Bravura) but she’s still doing decent damage, I decided to merit Upheaval as a result (because it’s not like getting merits is hard now) while I’m sad that I’ve had to unmerit (or is it demerit?) Resolution for my DRK as result. Although the gap between her not having an Ukko may become more apparent when we start hitting up the “big boys” like Kalasutrax and Ig-Alima. Go figure that I don’t have actually any recent Voidwatch screenies, guess I’m just too busy DD’ing and curing/hasting/buffing people to actually have time to do them anymore -.-; Instead I will post a picture of Provence as way of an apology: