A List of My Favourite Games: Shadow Hearts Covenant

Now I am not actually putting them in any rank/order due to them being: different genres and because IT WOULD BE TOO HARD 😦 also it looks like I might have to split this post into two or maybe several maybe just a game a week (oh the horror at trying to decide), because I don’t want to have a very long post and then forever make posts that are a fraction of the size.

Shadow Hearts Covenant

This game is really understated and I don’t know why, the story is solid (yes it might be a little cliché but it’s still ok, the characters make up for it though), the characters well designed and the battle system unique.  Covenant picks up 6 months after the events in Shadow Hearts, in 1915, where Yuri has found a somewhat peaceful life in the village of Domremy.  Unsuccessful in their attempts to capture this quaint and seemingly peaceful village, the German army sends an elite lieutenant, Karin Koenig, and a cardinal from the Vatican to take care of the village, which is rumored to be protected by a demon.  Quickly the plot weaves an intricate web and Karin and Yuri both find themselves at the mercy of a secret society looking to dominate all of Europe, and must work together to foil the plot.  However, one would be very wrong to expect a straight-laced, standard experience.   It’s also worth noting that this is probably the only RPG out there that acknowledges the existence of players over 18.  While Final Fantasy is riddled with teen-angst plots clearly aimed at young male and female audiences, you won’t see that here.  Instead, you’re given a mature, highly detailed story about love and loss, life and death, war and peace, all presented in a way that is not insulting to one’s intelligence.  Of course, teens will still enjoy this game as much as any adult, but it’s nice not to feel like we’ve gotten too old to be playing this sort of game.

Of course, the plot is this game’s only weak point.  Not only is the basic plot stretched (something that is an apparent constant in sequels), with several climactic boss battles which only end in a new supervillain being crowned, it takes a lot of creative license with actual historical events (nothing Disney fans will have a problem with) as well as its own canon.

At first I was going to try to find a YouTube video of the intro to Shadow Hearts, then I saw that one (please don’t judge me on my tastes).