Relic Woes

So I finished my Relic last night/this morning, unfortunately mainly due to this beauty being up near the blank spot; Tzee Xicu the Manifest and friends, I couldn’t get the generic “Look at me getting my Relic” SS because having gotten my Spharai I warped out as quickly as humanly possible. Did the killshot trials over the course of a weekend (read I discovered another part of hell and that is Final Heaven’s lacklustre damage)

After getting my Spharai to 85, I thought I’d have an easy ride to 90. . .SE said ‘NO WAI!’ and it took me two weeks of farming the god forsaken zone (Dynamis-Bea[tab]) for my Villain’s Fortune. Hoping never to have to go back to that zone again for a long, long, LONG time.

Well the last part of the statement is kinda true, because I cancelled my subscription for possibly three months since I’m burnt out and that the game was no longer that much fun. Instead I took up Vanguard, and they made the races and jobs freely available (in a previous post I said that only some of the classes and races were available to the free-to-play crowd)


A small break from Vana’diel

Temporarily left the world of Vana’diel for the world of Telon, kinda a nice switch, mainly because I’m using the F2P option and I get to ride a fricken horse (note: you can actually get a wide range of different creatures to ride, so far I’ve seen unicorns, dragons, Pegasus and beetles) downside is that only one job per character, which blows, upside HUGE world, virtually no zoning (except for warping to different continents) and lots of to: quests, raids, crafting, harvesting (although it is kinda HELM) and diplomacy.